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National Champions!

Hitchin Band are the 3rd Section National Brass Band Champions 2012

Hitchin Band have become the national champions in the finals of this year's National Brass Band Championships, held in Cheltenham on the 23rd September. The first prize of 1000, a national champions cup and the secretary cup were awarded by the two adjudicators adjudicators Mark Wilkinson and Dr Chris Davies.

Hitchin Band have never won "The National Brass Band Championships", which have existed since 1945 in their current format.
"We are so proud to put a mark in the history of the band", commented Craig Patterson, "I am proud of our achievement in winning the regional final and now taking this one more step and winning the National Championship."
3rd Section National Cup

Picture: Hitchin Band's Musical Director Craig Patterson proudly holds the national champions cup

Hitchin Band president Richard Whitmore added his congratulations to the band
"Hearty congratulations to everyone who were part of the band for the National competition! I'm very proud of you all."

Huw Cole, the composer of the test piece "Three Ancient Customs" commented on the mouthpiece forum:

Thank you to all the bands today for the time and effort you have put in my work. I hope you enjoyed the contest as much as I did. Congratulations to Hitchin and Craig Patterson, I though your performance was scintillating and the wassail effervescent. Also congratulations to Elland and Trinity who also gave very accomplished performances and really lifted the music off the page.
If any of you are interested I had the top four in exactly the same order as the adjudicators who did a magnificent job. Thank you all, I am truly humbled by the experience.