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Results of the Regional Competition 19th March 2005

A fantastic result for the band at this years Regional Brass Band Championships
held at Stevenage.

Second Place in the Third Section!!

Promotion back to the Second Section!!

An invite to the Finals of the Brass Band Championships of Great Britain!!

After many years of had work and some poor results, Hitchin Band has at last come out on top with a superb performance of the test piece "Tam O'Shanter's Ride" based on Robbie Burns Poem of the same name.

It is described as:

"A cautionary tale of the dangers of taking too much strong drink and interfering with the Devil's business".

Featuring many solos and features, the music has been acknowledged as a major challenge for third section bands across the country. The piece was originally used as a Championship/First section test piece many years ago.

Although it is fair to say that when we first looked at the music we thought "blimey" (or similar!), we knew that we could play it and put in a good performance. This has been proven by the result!

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Provisional Tables

Contest photos are available in our Photo Album

Band Secretary, David Milsom, said:

"We have put in much hard work on the piece over the past few months with players doing much individual practice as well as practicing together in band rehearsals! We feel the result has proven what we knew; that with the players we have in the band we can be as good if not better than many other bands around."

The band would like to thank a number of people

  • Gary Carney - (former MD and now playing Euphonium in the band) for keeping the band together over the years and building us up within the Third Section
  • Craig Patterson - Only with us for 6 months last year but brought the band on with his teaching abilities during that time
  • Martin Hurrell - Martin's short notice involvement, musical expertise and never ending guidance in all aspects of being a musician (and not just a brass band player) which got us to the result!
  • And finally, to all our friends and family for putting up with the noise we make when we practice at home and for their support with the band in general.

Our grateful thanks also go to the organisers of the Contest and of course the adjudicator, Mal Brownbill who knew a good sound when he heard it!