Hitchin Band

Structure of Hitchin Band Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)

The following structure summary of the Hitchin Band CIO Constitution

Trustees of the CIO
- Elected at a General Meeting by the members of the CIO
- The Trustees manage the affairs of the CIO on behalf of the Members

Members of the CIO
- Membership is by application to the trustees of the CIO
- Playing members of Hitchin Band pay a membership fee at a rate agreed by the charity trustees and who are capable of attaining a standard of musicianship acceptable to the charity trustees and Musical Director.
- May include non-playing members of Hitchin Band who, in the opinion of the charity trustees, have contributed towards the advancement of the objectives of the CIO.
- May include a representative of an organisation or corporate body, for example subsidiary groups or local authority.

Associate (non-voting) Membership of the CIO
- Associate (non-voting) members may benefit from services provided by the CIO including training and performance opportunities with subsidiary ensembles.
- Other Informal or associate (non-voting) members as agreed by the trustees.

Subsidiary Groups of Hitchin Band


- Hitchin Youth Band
- Hitchin Community Brass
- onsider “Friends of” or supporters club

- Subsidiary groups defined as ‘organisations’ within the CIO
- Comprise associate (non-voting) members
- May authorise a person to act as its representative at CIO general meetings

Outside Bodies - Eg NHDC

- A member may be an individual, a corporate body, or an individual or corporate body representing an organisation which is not incorporated. Hitchin


Charitable Incorporated Organisation Structure